How to Plan a Trip – Make your Travel Plan even More Exciting

For this reason, many people end up ruling out traveling to certain places.

Hiring impersonal organized trips that have little to do with their ideal trip.

In the end, like everything, it is practical. With a will, some time, and trial and error.

Almost everyone learns to look for cheap flights, plan excursions, or organize a trip in general.

However, to make your task easier.

  1. I want to share with you the general outline that I follow in planning my trips.
  2. The different sections are presented below in chronological order.
  3. Starting with the first thing you should check or plan a trip properly.
  4. Step by step the sections progress overtime to cover coherently and effectively all aspects of your trip planning.
  5. I have done so, and not as a mere list of things to do. Because, in my opinion, it is essential to respect that progression in order to organize a trip.
  6. For example, you should never buy flight tickets without first checking the availability and cost of accommodation.
  7. If you did, it could happen that there is no accommodation available on the dates of your trip.
  8. It is much more expensive than you thought and you are out of budget.
  9. More importantly, you should never book or Do plan a trip.
  10. Without first checking the political and health situation of the country you want to visit.
  11. All this is especially important. When we travel to “less developed”.
  12. More unknown countries or when we are planning an adventure trip to remote places.

Everything I tell you next will be much more important in the organization of medium or long-term trips.

Although, It is applicable even for a weekend getaway. In any case, I hope that.

What I tell you will be useful and help you organize unique, unforgettable, and incident-free trips. 

How to Plan a Trip?

Choice of fate

First, I choose the destination I want to visit. Generally, I have a clear idea of ​​where I want to go.

But it is true that, at the beginning of the planning.

I always try to cover more of the account.

So I make an extensive list of the places I want to go during this specific trip.

Whether they are within the same country or in several.

Climate and Dates to Plan a Trip

Before informing me in-depth about the places to visit, displacements, and others.

  1. I check the country’s climate on the dates that I intend or would like to go to.
  2. This aspect is very important. Although there is never anything assured with the weather.
  3. It can help us avoid or minimize the possibility of encountering unpleasant weather conditions.
  4. This is especially important in countries with undesirable and even dangerous weather events.
  5. Such as times of typhoons or periods of very high temperatures.
  6. When planning a trip. In addition to the weather conditions.
  7. It is also important to check. if the dates coincide with holidays or events that may affect our adventure.
  8. Thus, it must be borne in mind.
  9. That certain festivities can influence the opening of tourist places.
  10. The availability of transport or even the stability of the country.
  11. As examples, Ramadan or Chinese New Year can complicate our plans if we have not planned in advance.

On the other hand. In countries with more turbulent political situations.

It may be important to avoid specific events such as the election of a new president.

Just what happened to us in the Philippines.

Alerts, Political Situation and Health

Another aspect that I find out about when I start planning a trip is the situation in the country.

In many places, things change quickly.

  1. And where there was stability before now may not be a good time to go.
  2. The same is true in the healthcare field.
  3. It is important to find out about epidemics and outbreaks that may have arisen or are currently in force.
  4. This does not always mean that you have to change your destination.
  5. But, that you put into practice some extra prevention measures.
  6. Both for the political and the health situation. On many occasions, the alerts are limited to certain areas or regions.

For this reason, it is important to know them both when choosing a final destination.

And when planning the specific route that we will take through the country.


Depending on the country in question, a visa may be required. So it’s one of the first things I check when planning any trip to a new destination.

Also, in the event that the visa is essential. I look at what the application process consists of as soon as possible.

In some cases, it is tremendously simple and fast to plan my route, as in the case of the United States or Australia.

But in others, it is much more complicated and slow, as happens, for example, in Russia.

On the other hand, before planning a trip in detail. it is essential to discover.

If there are different types of visas. Their price (so as not to surprise us in the budget trip).

And, the maximum time that we are allowed to be in the country.

Flights, Accommodation and Budget Base

Once I am clear about the destination.

  1. I know the climate and the details of politics.
  2. The health situation of the country or countries that I want to visit.
  3. I will start to make flights and accommodation easier.
  4. First I do a quick scan of the international flight options. Whether direct or going somewhere in between that can lower costs.
  5. So I get a general idea of ​​the possible route planning and prices.
  6. Once this is done, and if I have the flexibility of dates.
  7. I repeat the search in different periods.
  8. As you probably already know. Depending on the season the prices of flights and hotels can vary significantly.
  9. For this reason, before getting into the flights.

I have already checked the country’s climate and, along with it cross country trip planner.

I have written down what are the high seasons from the tourist point of view. And the good times from the climatic point of view.

Come plan a trip as economically as possible.

It is interesting to find out.

what is the shoulder season or middle season in our destination?

Since prices will generally be lower and the weather will continue to be good payment plan vacations.

In other words, it is always convenient to try to give a corner to the traditional holiday season with a tour planner.

  1. Where both flights and accommodation will be more expensive.
  2. If the destination is “famous”. it will be crowded with tourists.
  3. To search in different periods or throughout a month. Skyscanner is very useful.
  4. It is the search engine that I always use and I recommend it without hesitation.
  5. It is simple, effective, and very convenient.
  6. In the case of accommodation. At this point in the planning, I simply take a quick look.
  7. To get an idea about the prices of the best road trip planner. On the different dates that I am considering.
  8. As well as the different places that I want to visit. if I already have any idea about it.
  9. I generally use the Booking platform. Although in some cases, such as Cuba.
  10. You have to find accommodation by other means. 
  11. With all this information. I can already make an initial guideline budget.
  12. Since flights and accommodation are usually the bulk of the cost of a trip.

In addition, we can also add to that travel on a budget any cost in relation to visas.

Find Out About the Destination in Depth and the Activities to Be Carried Out

Generally, we decide on one destination or another. Because we already know that.

It houses something that interests us or because someone has spoken well of it.

However, it can also happen that. We opt for a specific country because it turns out to be the cheapest.

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Whether in reference to flights. The cost of living there or other aspects.

In any case, whether or not we know some details of the destination beforehand.

It will always be able to offer us much more than we imagine.

Therefore, once I have completed the previous points. But before buying flights or booking accommodation.

  1. I fully investigate the country and everything it can offer me. So I begin to trace my route.
  2. Since I love wildlife sightings. So, when planning a trip.
  3. I often start by looking for information about national or natural parks. Along with the species that can be seen in them.
  4. On the other hand, since I enjoy different and impressive landscapes.
  5. I also inquire about the emblematic natural places of my future destination. 
  6. If in your case you are, for example, passionate about museums or outdoor sports. You should focus your search on what you want to see or do.
  7. Inquire about where are the most important museums in the country.
  8. Best places to do adventure sports, for example.
  9. Then I take a look at other activities. That I could do in the country.
  10. Such as diving, snorkeling, volunteer work, trekking, or any other that I can think of or feel like.
  11. Finally, I try to find out what excursions I can take. If I cannot make them on my own, and I see what prices they have.
  12. If necessary, take the opportunity to send some emails requesting a quote or more information.

It is also interesting, once we know the dates of our trip. Do check if our visit coincides with any special event.

Such as a traditional festival or a natural spectacle. We may not want to plan a trip around this event.

But if by chance it coincides, we may want to include it in our route.

Thus, I mark points on the map based on my preferences. once completed, I begin to polish my route .

Generally, at this point. I also take the opportunity to calculate the days.

I would need for each place. I want to visit and the activities I want to do there.

Means of Transport and Distances

When I have located all the points of my interest. I get down to work with the topic of on-site travel.

In my opinion, this step is extremely important to be able to quickly plan a trip effectively for various reasons on google trip.

The time factor: if the points we want to visit are very far from each other.. Or else are difficult to plan my road trip.

This will have a direct impact on the time we will need for our trip.

  • If we are flexible and have all the time in the world there will be no problem.
  • Otherwise, we will have to calculate the displacement very well.
  • To be able to take advantage of our trip and avoid spending most of the time traveling.
  • At this point, therefore, we begin to be realistic and to discard some places if necessary.
  • I, who always want to do too much in one sitting. At this point in planning a trip.
  • I try to keep in mind a saying that my mother has used a lot. ” Whoever embraces too much does not squeeze”.
  • If you also keep this in mind when planning a trip. I promise you that you will be able to organize an infinitely better experience.

Transport options: Inquiring about the means of transport and distances.

We also find out what are the available options and their cost. This will help us develop and/or adjust our travel budget and refine our route.

Tracing a coherent route: In direct relation to the two previous points. In my opinion.

  1. You have to work on the map and with the distances in mind.
  2. To trace a coherent route and make the most of our time. Thus, in addition, we can save money and effort.
  3. As I have already mentioned. For me, these three factors in relation to transportation or displacement are essential to plan a quality trip.
  4. Therefore, I would never recommend leaving it. Until the end of your planning. Much less waiting until you are at the destination.
  5. With this, I am not saying that you should hire in advance each and every one of your trips. In fact, I always leave room for improvisation.
  6. The only thing I try to convey to you. It is the importance of informing you adequately and extensively.

Before starting your trip and/or before booking your flights and accommodation.

Redefining the Duration of the Trip

Now that we know how much time we need to travel between the different places.

And, how many days we need to visit the different points of our interest. It is time to redefine the duration of our trip.

  1. It is very important to be realistic. if we have limited time.
  2. As I said before, discard a visit or place if necessary.
  3. It is better to thoroughly enjoy 80% of what we wanted to see. Then not to enjoy any of it by having to run everywhere.
  4. On the other hand, whatever the duration of your trip, leave time for contingencies, and rest.
  5. Flat tires, bus delays or maritime services canceled due to bad weather are frequent events.
  6. On the other hand, you get diarrhea from not shaking.
  7. Want to stay in bed for a couple of days is also something that can happen.
  8. For this reason, when I already know the days. I need to travel to a place and the days. I want to spend in it.
  9. if possible I add two more days. If your schedule allows it. I recommend that you do the same. If no unforeseen event arises.

You will always find things to do. You can take advantage of those extra days to rest or plan your next destination.

Hiring travel insurance

Since at this stage of planning. I already know which countries I am going to visit.

What activities I want to do and how long my adventure will last. I can already take a look at travel insurance.

It should be said that some people do not consider health insurance essential during their travels.

However, in my opinion. It is something you should never ignore in order to plan a safe trip and be protected from adversity.

Keep in mind that nothing ever happens, until it happens. And that’s when we will regret not having contracted health insurance.

  1. To date, I have used the companies of World Nomads and IATI.
  2. The first is a New Zealand company.
  3. So, despite being very good. The attention they provide is entirely in English.
  4. On the contrary, IATI is a Spanish company. So it has the great advantage that they serve their clients in Spanish.
  5. This is an important factor to keep in mind if you do not do well with English.
  6. He thinks that in an emergency situation. It is much more complicated.
  7. Due to nerves and stress, to express ourselves in another language. If we do not master it sufficiently.
  8. If you are fluent in English. you can choose either of these two insurers. Check which one best suits your needs and you’re done.
  9. Because, whenever I have made comparisons with other companies.
  10. It seems to me that it is the one that offers the most coverage at an even cheaper price.
  11. Once we know how much the insurance will cost us for the specific trip that we are planning.

We can take note of that expense and thus complete our travel budget.

Now yes: Booking Flights

Now that I have all the necessary information. Including that on essential aspects. Such as, for example, the visa or the situation in the country.

I already know approximately how much internal displacement, accommodation, and activities will cost me.

Therefore, whether or not I am on a budget. It is time to book the flights

  1. To do this, I carry out a search. Putting now, the exact dates in which I want to travel and the address of my route.
  2. First of all, I reserve the most important tickets.
  3. Those that I cannot substitute for alternative transport.
  4. For some reason, I must take on a specific and unique date.
  5. If I am going to make internal or domestic flights. I may wait a little longer in case.
  6. I decide to change my route or opt for another type of transport. However, if I have everything very clear.
  7. There is a special offer to book all the flights together. I do it at the same time, along with the reservation of the main flights.
  8. If it is a medium or long-term trip (more than a month, for example).
  9. I limit myself to booking the closest in time and the most expensive and/or in demand.

Then, little by little, I reserve the rest of the air travel.

Plan a Trip Completing the Budget and Reservation of the Accommodation

Although with flights there is usually less playing field. With accommodation, we have the possibility of tightening our belts much more.

Therefore, before booking hotels and hostels. I always go back to my budget.

Specifically what I do is that. Once I have bought the flight tickets.

  1. I add to the budget what I have spent on them and complete it with other unavoidable expenses.
  2. Such as vaccines or medicines that I have to buy for my medicine cabinet.
  3. In addition, by now I had already added the money that I have to spend on visas and medical insurance.
  4. In the same way, as I also previously searched the approximate prices of the activities and excursions. The budget is almost ready.
  5. So, with all that information I can know how much I can afford to spend on accommodation. I do this because sometimes.
  6. For a little more it is possible to get a much more comfortable or better-located hostel.
  7. However, if my budget is already at the limit. I may have to go to the cheapest available.
  8. It goes without saying that within your budget you should always include emergency money for unforeseen events or extra expenses.
  9. Doing so will save you surprises and disappointments during your trip.
  10. When I am clear how much I want or can spend on accommodation.
  11. I start with the reservations. As I mentioned, the platform I use the most is Booking.
  12. I have been using it for many years and I am happy with it.
  13. Sometimes I also take a look at the Agoda website. But the truth is that, at the moment. I do not usually book through it.

As you probably know. There is also the option to book accommodation through Airbnb.

However, generally, the supply of accommodation is smaller and more focused on large cities.

So its usefulness will depend on the destination we travel to.

Finally, there is the option to book directly with the accommodation in question.

This for example happened to me on the trip to Madagascar.

where some very specific hotels were not available on Booking at that time.

So I did it by contacting them directly via email.

Whether to book all or part of the accommodation for your trip will depend on your style as a traveler.

If you want to leave room for improvisation.

Book only the first few days or accommodation in very touristy places or with little hotel offers.

Now, if you are very clear that you are not going to modify.

Your route or the days you spend in each place. You can reserve everything in one go.

Plan a Trip practically ready!

At this moment it can be said that our trip is almost totally organized.

It only remains to drill down or polish small details.

Such as completing our budget with other expenses we consider.

Finding out more interesting things about our destination.

Contacting other travelers if we are looking for a companion.

Congratulations on reaching the end of this extensive string!

I hope that all.

What I have told you will help you when planning a trip.

And hopefully, it was not too long and heavy!

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