CSX Crew Life

CSX Crew Life is an online portal managed by CSX Corporation. Now, CSX employees can easily Sign-In to CSX Crew Life and manage many things from their dashboard. Here are some easy steps How to Register and Login to CSX Crew Life.

Login into Csx Crew Life

Follow these simple instructions to Login.

  • Click here or open www.CsxCrewLife.com in a browser.
  • Then, a page appears as shown below.
Login's form.
  • Next, you need to Enter the following details.
    • Username
    • Password
  • Click on the “Login” button.
  • Once after successful validation, You can access the CSX Login page.

Csx Crew Life registration

To access CSX Crew Life, You need to be a registered user. So, quickly Register on CSX gateway.

  • Click here or Enter Sxlogon.Csx.Com site.
  • There, you can find Register option. Click on it.
Registration at CSX Crew Life.
  • On the next page, select “CSX employee“.
Sign-Up for Csx Crew Life.
  • Next, Enter all the required details.
    • Racf ID – Generally, It is provided by the company. If you don’t know your Employee ID or Racf ID, Then Contact your manager.
    • Network password – Set a password to your CSX account.
    • Your primary Shipment Type – select type of Shipment from the below mentioned options which include Carload, Intermodal, Railplus, Payroll related Services, and Government Billing.
Providing Details of Employee in Portal.
  • Further, after submitting all the data. Click on Next button.
  • Once after validation, your CSX account will be created.

Note: If you face any issues, Please call 1-877-744-7279 for assistance.


CSX employee’s get many benefits. Some of the main ones are:

  • get Updates on daily Work.
  • Stats of Work Progress.
  • You can connect with Colleagues and other Employees.
  • Stay updated on Company current affairs.
  • Best way to build-in your Resume.

Public Tools available in CSX Crew Life

Employee gets access to various tools. Some of them includes:

  • Service Schedules
  • Rail Car Specs
  • Intermodal Schedules
  • Rail Mileage Look-up
  • Railroad Junctions
  • Reporting Marks
  • Curfew Map
  • Intermodal Shipment Inquiry
  • Intermodal Storage Payment
  • Intermodal Lift Payment
  • J1 (Gate Receipt) Retrieval
  • Equipment Repair Billing

Information about CSX corporation

CSX is an American based company. It mainly deals with Rail Transport, Real Estate, & Technology sectors. Its special focus on the supply of Rail Freight in North America. The company was founded in 1978 and is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida.

CSX has been transporting products and raw materials for centuries. Now more than ever, the Enterprise is trained to provide Safe, Efficient, and Environment’s friendly Rail transport.

CSX has a Rail Network of more than 33,800 km of rail in the Eastern United States (USA) that connects thousands of production and distribution sites with more than 70 seas, lakes, and river ports.

It has a base of 100,000 Rail cars, 4,000 locomotives. It covers 37,000 kilometers of the Railroad, dispatching 1,700 locomotives daily.

The company supports you in designing solutions, optimizing the routes and methods of transport between intermodal, maritime and rail.

The firm assured that one of its greatest strengths is the alliance. It has developed with other Railroads that ensure the safe and timely delivery of its shipments from the other side of the border, which allows them to offer their customers a door-to-door service with highly competitive rates.

The company provides services in the following industries:

  • Automotive
  • Agribusiness
  • Coal
  • Intermodal
  • Metals
  • Minerals
  • Consumer Products
  • Paper and Forest’s products
  • Chemicals
  • Phosphates
  • Fertilizers

According to CSX, today “Rail is much safer and more environmentally friendly in CSX Transportation. A feature that distinguishes it from other options such as transportation. Rail cars can store up to three times more merchandise than a trailer, which reduces costs, greater efficiency, and productivity” the company concluded.

CSX also offers customer service’s in your language and innovative tools to assist you in the logistics of your operations.

Competitive Advantages

  • Security – CSX invests millions of dollars in maintenance, cargo security, and new technology to be the safest method of transportation.
  • Reliability – As you know, ShipCSX is a tool that reports the status of your cargo in real-time through the website and facilitates the invoicing and tracking of cargo. It also has the best Customer Support.
  • Efficient – With the support of our Csx Transportation Experts, It supports you to design solutions that meet your needs.
  • Environmental Leadership – As of today, a CSX train can carry a ton of cargo over a distance of 500 miles (nearly 800 km) on a single gallon of fuel.
  • Equipment – CSX trains has various types of equipment for almost all types of products and materials, from sugar to large machinery equipment.
  • Crew / Staff – A Workforce of more than 30,000 with various talents.
  • Gateway for Employees – Company crew are very professional in their work. They can manage many things from the Companies gateway.

CSX has been recognized by various groups for its innovation in strengthening and diversifying the workforce.

Subsidiaries of the Organization

Company has many subsidiaries. Some of them are:

  • CSX Technology
  • Csx Intermodal Terminals
  • Cybernetics & Services
  • Chessie Computer Service
  • Powerhouse Logistics
  • CSX Real Property
  • Fruit Growers Express
  • CSX de Mexico
  • Total Distribution Services
  • TRANSFLO Corporation

Members in the Management

John J. ZillmerChairman of the Board of Directors
James M. FootePresident and Chief Executive Officer
Kevin BooneEVP and Chief Financial Officer
Jamie BoychukEVP of Operations
Nathan D. GoldmanEVP,
Chief Legal Officer and Corporate Secretary
Edmond L. HarrisEVP
Diana B. SorfleetEVP and Chief Administrative Officer
Mark K. WallaceEVP of Sales and Marketing

⚠️ EVP – Executive Vice President.


What does CSX stand for?

C stands for Chessie, S refers to Seaboard, X : Nothing.

Can i continue my work immediately after resetting Password?

Yes. After Password Reset, Login with new password.

Can we use a software if my password is already expired?

Yes, it is possible to reset a password that is expired using the software.

Can I use reset Password if my account has been disabled or is blocked?

It is possible to unblock your account using a software. During the Reset procedure, select “Unblock my account” option, assuming that functionality has been enabled. It is not possible to Reset the Password if the Account was explicitly disabled by the Administrator.