Summer Holiday Activities: 20 Free Activities to Do With the Family

The summer holidays are finally here. With them, many hours to share with the family!

Here are 20 suggestions to have fun rain or shine without spending a fortune with the best Summer Holiday Activities.

Spending Time with Summer Holiday Activities

1. Participate in DIY workshops at Home Depot

Summer holiday activities at home – Most branches offer a free monthly Summer Holiday Activities for families.

The workshops are for children from 5 to 12 years old, accompanied by an adult.

The Summer Holiday Activities take place on the second Saturday of each month.

2. Register for the TD Summer Reading Club

The objective of this summer holiday clubs is to avoid the slip of summer knowledge.

To register for free, just visit your municipal library.

Your children will receive a notebook and a list of activities to do during the summer.

They will set a reading goal and receive different gifts as they progress.

You will find many Summer Holiday Activities on the club’s website and that of your municipal library.

3. Participate in activities offered in municipal libraries

Most municipal libraries offer free or low-cost activities for children.

Outdoor reading, cinema, magician, DIY, gardening, and theater, can be very varied. Check your library website for details.

4. Family cooking

The sports holiday camps season lends itself well to easy-to-prepare recipes.

It is therefore the ideal time to introduce your children to cooking.

It can also be an opportunity to introduce them to new flavors.

5. Play at the restaurant

If you have older or experienced children, let them receive you “like at a restaurant”!

Invite them to tinker with a menu, decorate the table, and prepare a simple meal.

Don’t forget to suggest that they do the dishes!

6. Organize a lemonade kiosk

A classic of the beautiful days! You can also bake cookies to accompany the drink and double your sales.

Suggest that your children set aside some of the money they raise to donate to charity.

They will be proud to be able to help the most disadvantaged.

7. Discover geocaching

Geocaching is an outdoor treasure hunt.

Using a GPS (or smartphone), you need to find caches (a box containing a notebook, a pencil, and small objects).

Rely on the contact details provided on the site.

There are different types of caches.

Most contain small toys that you can exchange: pins, marbles, plastic rings, etc.

This activity will make you discover or rediscover your corner of the country.

8. Organize an outdoor movie night

Install the television or your computer on your terrace and organize a movie night under the stars.

A great way to reinvent home theater.

9. Telling stories around a campfire

Nothing better to stimulate the imagination than being gathered around a campfire.

Invite each family member to make up a story for a summer camp for family.

You can also take turns telling the rest of the story started by one of the participants.

10. Gardening

Is it too late to start planting a vegetable patch?

Use a flower box to sow your herbs!

Children holiday camps will enjoy sowing and seeing their projects grow.

And what a pleasure to cook with fresh herbs!

11. Playing board games

A classic on rainy days that you can also take to the park on a sunny day. Discover what’s new by doing an exchange with friends.

12. Play with Legos blocks

Recycle your Legos block sets to create new worlds, practice math or even do science experiments!

Pinterest and the Lego site are full of suggestions.

13. Identify the clouds

Take advantage of a more or less cloudy day to lie down outside and observe the clouds.

Try to find an animal or an object they represent. Or identify the different kinds of clouds.

If the clouds shine by their absence, consult the Desbrouillards website to learn more about the subject.

14. DIY a souvenir of your vacation

Whether with a drawing, a collage, or a painting, invite each member of the family to capture the best moment of their vacation.

You can use the sand picked from the beach, the rocks found in the park, or even dried flowers from your garden!

15. Fly a kite

This classic fascinates children over and over again! You can even make your own kite.

16. Make giant bubbles

If the kid’s summer holiday gets tired of blowing bubbles, suggest that they make them giant!

You will find a recipe and detailed explanations on the Banlieusardises free kids summer camp website.

17. Redesign the children’s room

Your children will enjoy moving furniture and reinventing their decor.

Take the opportunity to clean up, declutter, and prepare a workspace for September!

18. Play at school

school holiday camp : Another way to avoid the slip of knowledge.

You can play the role of the student, which will encourage your child to explain the subject to you.

Or have him practice his math on the computer.

19. Video game tournaments

You will not be able to avoid your children’s repeated requests to play video games.

Take the opportunity to ask them to show you how to play!

Have a family tournament where the winner will be entitled to an additional hour.

20. Paint rocks

You no longer know what to do with all the stones picked up by your children?

You can paint them, create a work of art or tinker with a cactus garden!

Thing to do in Summer Holidays

So, these are top 20 Summer Holiday Activities which are the best and top rated.

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