10 Things That Every Traveler Should Know

When we start to organize a trip there are certain things to keep in mind, which apply wherever we go.

Especially if it is our first trip, it is essential that we follow all these steps before and during the trip.

We intend to make so that everything goes well and we make the most of our experience.

So today I’m going to give you 10 tips for first-time travelers, whether you’re just starting out with friends or solo.

Choose the Ideal Destination

Especially when you are starting it is important that you inform yourself well of the places you want to go to.

On the one hand, you may not feel comfortable.

if you encounter a great culture shock or if you encounter some difficulties during the trip.

you do not have the experience to deal with them the first time.

On the other hand, I am in favor of the fact that if you really want to expose yourself to a great change in culture.

you just have to go with an open mind and inform yourself.

Find out a lot. As long as you know very well where you are going, you can feel comfortable and safe quickly.

In addition to that, you will know how to develop properly.

So I will not be the one to tell you that you must go to “easy” destinations on your first trip.

If what you really want is something completely different.

Just choose well, and when you do, research as much as you can.

Documents and Travel Insurance

There are countries like the United States or even Morocco, which will ask you for at least 6 months of a valid passport.

On the other hand, if you travel to Canada your passport can expire in three months.

But as long as you return before that date there will be no impediment for you to go.

That is why you should find out about the country where you plan to go.

Either on the internet or, better still, at the embassy of that country.

Along with this, another great recommendation is that you have photocopies of all your documents, both physically and online.

If you can keep your passport and identity card in different compartments the better.

In this way, you make sure that if for some reason you lose one, you have another.

Finally, although we will be careful at all times to take care of ourselves and that nothing happens to us.

it is recommended that we take out travel insurance.

There have been many cases of silly accidents that turn into something more serious and better to be prepared.

So that you do not have to spend a large amount of money that we did not have planned.

In my case, whenever I traveled outside the European community I had insurance.

Nothing happened to me in Turkey, but in the Dominican Republic I was hit by a motorcycle.

Luckily I had insurance, which covered all the expenses of the clinic and they attended to me right away.

Which, by the way, I have heard that the expenses for foreigners are quite high. Better safe than sorry.


In this regard, there are people who recommend carrying more cash and a credit card just in case.

Others in reverse trust their credit card and carry cash only for special occasions.

This really depends on what you see works best for you or where you go.

You can use your normal regular bank card if you have in mind that they usually charge commission every time you withdraw money.

So it is good to consider other options. In my case, I have used the Evo Banco card.

Which charges almost no commission abroad and the currency exchange is a little more favorable.

In any case, as long as you carry cash and bank cards with you, keep everything in different places.

So you always make sure you have a backup.

Finally, notify your bank that you are going to travel. They believe that there are suspicious movements in your account and block your card.

It is also recommended that you prepare a budget for what you are going to spend based on your plans.

That is, the tourist attractions you want to go to, the transport or accommodation you are going to take, etc.

This is best explained in the post How to calculate our travel budget?


The times it is said will never be enough: pack only the essentials and what you are really going to use.

You can always count on washing the clothes you are wearing and reusing them.

You don’t need to bring 4 different pants, 3 jackets, or lots of shoes.

Believe me, you don’t need that much and sometimes you don’t even get to use everything.

Also, you can always leave a free space for souvenirs.


Every time you travel try to meet new people, whether they are other travelers like you or locals.

Especially if you travel alone.

It is part of the trip to force yourself out of your comfort zone and meet new people.

This will help you expand your horizons, learn about other cultures and interact with new people.

Without forgetting that you will have the opportunity to see the city you visit from another perspective.


Precisely because we are going to a new and unknown place, wherever, do not expose yourself and avoid dangerous areas.

Stay alert and aware of your surroundings at all times.

But above all, always walk with confidence and security.

If you do not know very well where you are.

Enter a store and ask or search your phone, discreetly, for the address.

It is better to pretend that you know where you are going or that you are not just another tourist, instead of attracting attention.

My intention is not to scare, simply that one is aware of these precautions to avoid any mishap.

Many times I traveled alone and anyone would think that being a woman would be an easy goal.

But, I have always moved with caution and nothing has ever happened to me-knock on wood.


When traveling to a new city.

Find out about all the types of transportation that are available, be it bus, train, metro, taxi, uber or any other that you have available.

In this way, you will be able to evaluate which are the best ways to move around the place and you will be able to save time and money.

Local food

Be sure to try local food at your destinations.

You may not like something, but surely most of the time you will discover something new.

That you will love and you can take other types of memories that later, at home, you may even learn to make.

As well, you can discover how a certain dish is originally prepared.

A clear example is the famous Kebab, which is not used at all as they usually do in fast food establishments throughout the world.

Electronic devices

There are several things to keep in mind when carrying electronic devices.

The main thing is to carry adapters depending on whether the voltage varies in the destination you are going to !!

Second, it is recommended that your phone works abroad.

it does not matter if you are going to be using free Wi-Fi or if you will buy a sim card.

Make sure that your device is released.

It is good that you have internet access so that You can locate yourself at any time.

As well as to know where to go or if you want to investigate where you are.

Finally, if you are going to be in hostels or similar.

Avoid displaying all electronic devices that you have with strangers to avoid attracting attention.

Plan an Itinerary

Finally, it does not matter if you are planning a very strict itinerary or if you prefer to travel flexibly without having to calculate each day.

It is important that you at least have a list of all the places that you would be interested in visiting.

It will not be that when you return home you discover that you lacked places to go that you would have loved or you had activities pending to do and you regret it.

If you make a list of the tourist spots, at least you will be sure that you will get the most out of your trip.

you will return satisfied with having known everything you wanted.

I hope each point was helpful.

If you know of any other important tip, do not hesitate to leave it in the comments?

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