Safety Rules When Traveling With Children by Train

When summer vacation arrives, many families choose to travel in their own car or opt for the plane. However, there are also many who decide to reach their holiday destination by train.

It is precisely the latter that this article may find useful. Yes, because we are going to publicize.

What are the main safety rules that must be taken into account? when traveling with children in this form of transport.

Thanks to the following recommendations and advice, you will be able to make your trips without problems of any kind.

Of course, before entering fully into these aspects. It is necessary to take into account a series of previous considerations. Such as that Renfe offers free travel to children under 4 years of age who do not occupy a seat.

This measure is applicable to Avant, Long Distance or AVE trains. For their part, children under 14 years of age who are going to occupy a seat. May travel with a ticket with a 40% discount.

In addition, large families, Except in cases of international trains. They have discounts of between 20% and 50%.

Safety Rules to be taken when Travelling with Kids

Now yes, here are the main safety rules to keep in mind:

Safety Rules when Traveling in Train with Children

Long-haul Trips

The fact that more and more families are betting on the train as a means of transport for the holidays. It is because it offers comfort and speed.

For example, it is one of the preferred options when making long-haul routes.

In this case, one of the best alternatives is to opt for the trenhotel. It is a night travel system that allows you to undertake the trip in a rolling room.

These are trains with cabins or apartments equipped with seats, beds and tables with which the whole family can travel comfortably.

If it is a recommended option for children. It is because it will allow them to go to sleep and thus the transfer will not be so heavy.

In the event that you do not want to travel on these types of trains. But on some that are in use, it must be borne in mind. It will be necessary for minors and adults to get up from their seats and walk at least every one or two hours.

In this way, blood circulation problems will be avoided.

Always Walks in the Company of an Adult

One of the other safety standards that must be taken into account. When making a railway trip with minors is that the trips they take on the train must be accompanied.

In other words, it is important that children do not walk alone in the corridors of said means of transport for various reasons:

  • If they are small and do not have good coordination. Then, the rattle of the train can make them lose their balance. This can range from falling directly onto the ground to being struck by seats, suitcases, or doors.
  • No less important is that they always go in the company of an adult. This avoids getting disoriented and lost between cars.
  • Of course, it should be born in mind. That, if they must go with their parents. It is also to prevent them from accessing club rooms, touching an opening door or emergency button …
  • This without overlooking the fact. Moving around the train with their parent is a way to prevent them from starting to play in their corridors. Causing the annoyance of the crew and other passengers.

Tables of 4

When traveling with children comfortably and quietly. It is recommended that the family travel by train in the seats equipped with tables.

In this way, these minors can be entertained by drawing, reading or even watching a movie on the tablet.

This will make the journey more bearable and that they do not start complaining at the first change.

Food and drink

Of course, it should not be overlooked that other basic safety standards. When traveling with children by train. It is essential to carry a backpack with water and some food for the journey.

This will prevent them from becoming dehydrated and feeling hungry. Therefore, based on the duration of the tour.

You can choose to take a simple snack or go with lunch, snack or dinner. Prepared depending on the schedule.

With these recommendations, surely any family can make these holidays a train trip without complications of any kind.