Daily Work Report – What is it for and How it is Made

A work report is a document that shows the results of an activity.

Also known as a job report or results report.

It is used to evaluate the task or a set of tasks in relation to a certain goal.

Daily Work Report for?

It can be intended to measure the activity of an employee, a group, or the company as a whole.

  1. It can be done during a certain moment in the calendar or at the end of the process.
  2. It’s produced by a supervisor.
  3. The employee or human resources.
  4. Companies often use the Work Report to know the evolution of business.
  5. Therefore, they are carried out throughout the year with a frequency.
  6. That varies from company to company according to the purpose.
  7. It can be understood as a photograph of the production process or the evolution of services.
  8. It allows to know if things are going according to plan and to evaluate possible course adjustments.

The Daily Work Report is also the basis for year-end management meetings.

When the results of all areas of a company are evaluated to account for investors.

Preparation of Daily Work Report

As Elaborated

There is no single way to prepare a Daily Work Report.

Basically, we must state the following elements, which are related to each other:

Initial objective

When described in a concise way, the work for which we prepared the report.

It can be a sales campaign. The provision of a service to a customer.

The physical reorganization of an office, etc.

They serve to show what it is that we pursue certain actions in a certain period.

Activities Carried Out

Shows what has been done to achieve the proposed results.

It is important to have a good overview of what each collaborator has done.

In the examples above, describe the campaign actions.

Where is the service to be delivered.

A destination was found for the old office furniture, etc?

Evaluation of the Works

It compares the goals with what has been achieved up to the moment of the report.

To see more clearly the effectiveness of the actions, you can use graphics and comments.

For example, for the sales campaign.

The graph will show how close or far we are from the goal.

The comments will reveal what the best sales action has been.

Actions to be followed

It is the “useful” part of the Work Report.

  1. In the sense that it provides guidance on what worked best to achieve the objective pursued.
  2. It determines the actions that will be implemented until the end of the campaign or until a new report is required.
  3. In the case of the sales campaign.
  4. For example, it was found that a certain promotion significantly increased sales.
  5. In this section, it is stated that the same promotion will be applied to other products.
  6. Each of these parts can be subdivided.
  7. In turn, to include more information than what is being evaluated.
  8. But, in any case, the important thing is that the information is as clear as possible.
  9. So that the Daily Work Report is useful.

[Watch] Daily Work Report Tutorial

This clarity is obtained with a good presentation.

But, fundamentally with a job well done.

Which as you already know, is the key to the success you are looking for.

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