How to Become a Flight Attendant

Although we do not know who came up with this profound phrase (possibly a great businessman).

You need the money that a job offers us.

Now, why choose a profession that makes you feel overwhelmed, stuck, or sulking?

In Spain, there is a great offer of fun.

  1. Jobs that are at your fingertips if you decide to leave your comfort zone.
  2. Do you know which one of them is the best flight attendant university? Become a flight attendant.
  3. A flight attendant, airplane assistant, or PCC (Passenger Cabin Crew) is a great job option.
  4. Since it allows being a flight attendant to travel to different parts of the world.
  5. While earning money that you can use for other needs, not bad, right?
  6. Furthermore, it is a profession with a great future.
  7. To give you an idea. Most days in the world there are more than 100,000 daily flights.
  8. All of them need flight attendants or TCP, why can’t it be you?
  9. If you think about what career to study to be a flight attendant.
  10. We have good news for you.
  11. The requirements to be a flight stewardess are not so strict as to be an airplane pilot.
  12. So studying the flight stewardess profession is much easier.
  13. With a 4-6 month course, you will be ready to travel in the best companies world airlines.
  14. What the requirements for becoming a flight attendant.
  15. How to be a flight attendant and other interesting information.

That will surely encourage you to take the final step you need.

Flight Attendant Requirements


One of the advantages of the airline stewardess profession.

Since working as a flight attendant.

  1. The minimum educational requirement will be to have the title of Compulsory Secondary Education.
  2. This will allow you to study to be a flight attendant. However, it will not guarantee that you will find a job quickly.
  3. Remember that the most reputable airlines look for the best TCP’s.
  4. One of the things they look at is their educational history of stewardess school.
  5. Although they know that all flight attendants have minimal education.

Many airlines prefer college graduates in Psychology, Sociology, or Public Relations.


If you don’t speak English. You better start improving it.

if you want to study to be a flight attendant.

In fact, knowing a single language will limit your options in the future.

So it would also be advisable for you.

This will improve your salary expectations as flight attendant training.

Physical and age

A flight attendant or TCP must work in a very small space.

So it is necessary for him to fulfill certain physical characteristics.

In order to carry out his profession normally.

For example, helping passengers put their luggage.

Some companies may informally request certain characteristics related to weight.

But what is certain. they will ask you for a minimum height (usually 1.57cm for women and 1.68cm for men).

And an age that you should not exceed (otherwise You have previous experience.

It will be very difficult for you to work as a flight attendant if you are over 35 years old).

You must also be an inadequate physical condition.

To pass the physical tests that we will discuss in the next section.

Study to Be a Flight Attendant

Do you meet the flight attendant requirements and already want to know how to be a flight attendant? Let’s not waste any more time.

First of all, you should check the schools that offer flight stewardess courses in Spain.

You will be able to find significant differences regarding its price and educational quality.

However, there is something you cannot overlook.

If you intend to study to be a flight attendant.

You should always select a course that is approved by the State Aviation Safety Agency.

AESA is an institution of the Ministry of Development.

  1. Among other functions is responsible.
  2. for ensuring that all people related to civil aviation in Spain.
  3. They are properly trained to carry out their tasks effectively.
  4. That is why the AESA evaluators are in charge of approving the TCP certificates.
  5. That they have studied in our country.
  6. To study the flight stewardess profession.
  7. You will find different schools scattered throughout the Spanish geography.
  8. You can even study remotely. Although most are located in larger cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Valencia, Seville or Bilbao.
  9. Normally, studying to be a flight attendant or TCP will take you between 4 and 6 months.
  10. Since flight attendants must complete a minimum training of 315 hours.
  11. That is 240 theoretical hours and 75 practical hours.

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However, this does not mean that a flight attendant course can have more hours if the school deems it necessary.

According to the State Aviation Safety Agency.

To study the profession of a flight attendant.

It is essential to receive theoretical knowledge of the following subjects:

  • Aircraft operation – If you are going to work on an airplane.
  • You will need to have some basic knowledge of aircraft.
  • As well as some knowledge of its mechanics.
  • Procedures – In this course, you will learn the procedures that flight attendants must carry out.
  • Such as how to resolve emergency situations or safety procedures.
  • Psychology and teamwork – TCP constantly deals with people and works as a team.
  • So human psychology is fundamental knowledge for a flight attendant.
  • Legislation – TCPs must meet certain national and international aviation regulations.
  • Such as ICAO, the EU-OPS standard, the Chicago Convention, ICAO, etc.
  • First aid – During a flight, any medical emergency situation can occur.
  • Flight attendants must know how to solve them properly.
  • Such as how to apply cardio-respiratory resuscitation.
  • Restricted goods – You never know what can go in the luggage of the passengers.
  • So TCPs must learn to recognize and handle dangerous goods that may endanger passengers and crew.

If the theory seems fun to you, wait for the practice.

During the 75 hours of mandatory practice that a flight attendant must complete. She will learn to many things.

That includes immobilize fractures, wear life jackets and liferafts.

Evacuate passengers on an inflatable ramp, survive on the high seas, the Heimlich maneuver, or administer CPR, among other skills.

Likewise, a TCP must also do practices in the pool. Since during her evaluation.

She will be required to be able to dive 8 meters, swim 50 meters in less than two minutes. And, swim ten meters dragging a person.

Once the flight attendant course has been completed. An AESA evaluator will be in charge of examining.

The theoretical and practical knowledge of future TCP.

The theoretical exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions.

4 possible answers of which 75 questions must be answered correctly to pass it. As for the practical evaluation.

The flight attendant will have to demonstrate.

That she knows how to evacuate an airplane and how to put out a fire.

Advantages and disadvantages of being a flight attendant

As you can see. Studying to be a flight attendant is not so complicated.

You will only need perseverance, motivation and, above all, vocation.

To finish, we want to show you some of the advantages and disadvantages of flight attendants.

So that you consider whether this is the profession you want to pursue.


  • As a flight attendant. Something that very few people can say.
  • Also, depending on the company and your experience. You can choose national or international destinations.
  • One of the benefits of TCP is that. Some airlines offer free or reduced-price flights to travel. when they are not working.
  • Opportunity to meet people from different cultures.
  • Live in different parts of the world depending on the airline you work for.
  • Get good work shifts that allow you to accumulate several days off.


  • By constantly being from one side to the other. Depending on the route you work on.
  • Perhaps your profession will interfere with your personal life.
  • If you do not follow strict routines in terms of sleep and food.
  • In the medium or long term. you can have health-related problems.
  • Unfortunately, there are not many options for promoting.
  • Unless you try to find companies. With a higher reputation and/or salary.
  • Sometimes you will have to face uncomfortable situations such as serving drunk or disrespectful passengers.
  • Finally, you will almost always have to have your suitcase ready.
  • To be willing to travel because they may call you urgently to fill a position.

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